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The Beginning of First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Florence, Alabama

On October 24th, 1948, there was erected a large gospel tent, gift of Ruling Elder Will A. Reid of Allsboro, Alabama to the Alabama- Mississippi Board of Missions, of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, in the eastern part of Florence, Alabama, by Rev. E. W. Johnson, Field Worker for the Synod, who conducted an eight-day revival, from October 24-31, 1948 He was assisted in this noble effort by a few Cumberland Presbyterians living in and near the City of Florence, especially Bro. R. H. Burgess and Bro. Coy H. Newbern.

The meeting resulted in a fine spiritual interest, and on October 31st., at 8:00 O' Clock, P.M., Rev. E. W. Johnson organized a Cumberland Presbyterian Church of twelve members--the first ten appearing the official record of this Session Record, and Bro. W. L. Jaynes & wife Georgia Jaynes wrote for their letter from Jackson, Tennessee Cumberland Presbyterian Church to be sent so that they would be considered charter members of this church in Florence, Alabama. On November the 7th, 1948 the church met for its first service in the American Legion Home in the City of Florence, at 7:00 O' Clock P.M. and is continuing with weekly services.

Where are we now?

In 1963, the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Florence moved from their location in downtown Florence to their current location today. They originally built one building on the property that housed a kitchen, sanctuary and classrooms. Later on, a larger sanctuary building was built to accomodate the growing congregation. The latest addition to the church has been the construction of more classrooms attached to the original building.

The Rev. George Warren had the most enduring pastorate, serving the congregation from 1964 to 1985. Mrs. Warren is still a beloved participant in the church. Pastors since his tenure have been: Rev. J.B. Burns (1986 - 1990), Rev. Eddie Jenkins (1990 - 1996), and Rev. Philip Faris (1999 - 2006). Between 2006 and 2008, the church had Rev. Pam Phillips-Burk, Rev. Tiffany McClung, and others shared the pastoral duties until Rev. Dwayne McDuff started in 2008. Rev. Dwayne McDuff has been serving the church since 2008 and is still the current pastor for First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Florence.